Friday, September 04, 2015

Dodgers Force Friday Star Wars New Era Caps


Star Wars is everywhere.  It's a plague that has spread throughout the world - determined to take every hard earned dollar you have.  Nearly forty years of marketing madness has convinced everyone that you must consume everything related to "The Force," and unfortunately I am unable to break free from that grasp.

Please help me!  I'm salivating at the thought that the cap featured in the pics above and below actually exist.

As you surely know, the newest Star Wars trilogy begins later this year, so naturally a campaign has begun months in advance to sell, sell, sell.  As a part of the #ForceFriday marketing campaign starting today (all the new toys for the new movie are now available) New Era has released Star Wars themed caps. 

My head just exploded.

Three different styles exist, but each team has only one style available.  Styles include Darth Vader, a Storms Trooper and Boba Fett on the bill.  The Dodger lid features a Storm Trooper.  Go here to check out all of the caps that are available.

Hat Tip: Mike Oz at Big League Stew

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