Thursday, October 15, 2015

2015 Topps High Tek Baseball - All the Dodger Insert Cards

Now that you've seen the base cards, here are all of the Dodger inserts that are available in 2015 Topps High Tek. 


#HT-CKW Clayton Kershaw                            #HT-JPN Joc Pederson

#HT-SK Sandy Koufax 
(Not yet seen)

BTW, check out the Pederson "Bright Horizons" insert card below.  Please note that the yellow background you are seeing is not on the card.  The areas of yellow is actually clear and see-through.

Bright Horizons

#BH-JP Joc Pederson

Bright Horizons Autographs

#BH-JP Joc Pederson

DramaTEK Performers

#DTP-AG Adrian Gonzalez                   #DTP-CK Clayton Kershaw

Low-TEK Diffractors

#LT-CKW Clayton Kershaw

Low-TEK Diffractors Autographs

#LT-CKW Clayton Kershaw

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