Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Nifty Jackie Robinson Drawings on eBay

Here a couple fantastic illustrations I found eBay of Jackie Robinson that I wanted to point out.  Click on any pic to embiggen.

Above is a drawing, likely for a newspaper, of Jackie that highlights many of his career accomplishments on the diamond.  Check out the eBay auction here.  It is drawn by New England cartoonist Phil Bissell and is undated.  Much of Bissell's work appeared in papers such as the Herald, Boston Globe, Worcester Telegram and Gazette, but he is most remembered for creating the original mascot for the New England Patriots football club.  The mascot was named "Pat Patriot" and it remained an icon for the franchise until it was replaced in the 1990's. 

Below is an drawing of Jackie Robinson with Negro League star Judy Johnson.  Check out the eBay auction here. It was drawn by noted Baseball (and Wild West) artist Mario DeMarco.  It is undated.

DeMarco is well known to Baseball card collectors.  His work had appeared in Beckett Magazine and he was commissioned to created the first 68 drawings for a card set known as the Callahan Hall of Fame set that was originally released in 1950.  An avid fan of the game, he would often draw for himself.  Per Sandy Meindersma at the Worcester Telegram & Gazette:
After completing a picture, Mr. DeMarco would send it to the player for an autograph.

"Babe Ruth said he was keeping it, and my father would have to draw another one that he would sign," Mrs. Colorio (his daughter) said.

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