Monday, November 30, 2015

Important Game-Used Baseballs from Orel Hershiser's Career at Grey Flannel Auctions

Are you a big fan of the Bulldog?  Would a game-used ball from his career highlight your collection?

For those of you who remember the fantastic exploits of the Dodger right-hander and want to add something  to your collection that is a reminder of how great he was, then this current auction from Grey Flannel might be up your alley.  Featured here are several game-used Baseball for sale that come directly from Hershiser.

As shown above, this is a game-used ball from Orel Hershiser's 20th win from the year the Dodgers last won the World Series - 1988.  Check out the auction here.  On September 8, 1988 Hershiser blanked the Cincinnati Reds, 5-0, for his 20th win of the season.  As you know, he went on to win 23 games, was awarded the Cy Young and was the World Series MVP. 

On a side note, I wonder if this ball was decorated by Dodgers' Clubhouse Manager Mitch Poole.  You will notice that the writing on this ball is fairly ornate and very different from the other Baseball's that are for sale.  So, it might be fair to say that this is a Mitch Poole stylized Baseball since he was known to do that for the players.  Unfortunately, the auction description does not indicate this, but I can't help but think it is.
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The balls above and directly below is a part of a three ball lot of game-used Hershiser Baseballs.  The jewel of the lot is the above ball from his very first complete game victory, dated June 29, 1984.  He beat the Cubs, 7-1, on eight strike outs, one walk and nine hits.  The other two balls include a 16th win ball from the 1985 season (dated September 17, 1985) and his 18th win from the same season (dated September 27, 1985).  Check out the auction here.

The Baseball directly below marks Orel Hershiser's 100th career victory.  Check out the auction here.  There are two Baseballs in this lot available from this game.  Hershiser went seven innings and struck out six batters to defeat the Cubs, 6-3.  As you can see he has both signed and wrote a description of the event on the ball.

BTW, there is also another group of seven different Hershiser game balls available in another listing that you can see here.  Those balls include his 2nd career shutout, 3rd career shutout, 4th career shutout, 5th career shutout, a two-hitter from 1985, a one-hitter from 1985 and another one-hitter from 1985.

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