Friday, April 22, 2016

A Duke Snider Fantasy Card on Canvas

This is gorgeous.

Painted by noted sports artist Arthur K. Miller, featured above is a Duke Snider "Card that Never Was" showing him on a 1948 Leaf Baseball card design.  It is currently on auction at Heritage (Auction Link Here).

Duke Snider had spent a few months in Brooklyn in 1947, and if the card hobby was anything like what we have today he would have an Baseball card to call his own the following year.  Heck, collectors would have had some cardboard gold to put in their album when he first signed with the franchise.  As it were, fans had to wait another year for Bowman to put him in their 1949 set.

Since Leaf missed their opportunity to include the future Hall of Famer into their set Arthur K. Miller decided to do it for them.  Now if only I had enough scratch to put this on my wall.

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