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Blog Kiosk: 4/29/2016 - Dodgers Links - Outfield Analytics and Dee Gordon is Suspended

Here's a great pic of two old Dodgers, Don Newcombe and Manny Mota.  Photo via @Dodgers on twitter.

As for the game... Well, I don't really wanna talk about it.  Maeda was good until he ran out of gas in the seventh inning.  Pedro Baez couldn't get an out when he needed it.  Heck, the schlub balked in a run.  Then to make matters worse, the Dodgers offense continues to press.  They could only muster three runs in the loss.

Oh well, we get swept by a team managed by our old skipper, and that's got to make him feel pretty good.  Via Ken Gurnick at
"We just got outplayed," manager Dave Roberts said, and not by just any team, but the one managed by his predecessor as Dodgers manager, Don Mattingly. It was the first series sweep in Los Angeles in Marlins history.
Of course, last nights game wasn't the biggest news of the evening.  What really got folks talking was the revelation that Dee Gordon, a man so beloved even after being traded to Miami, has tested positive for PED's and is suspended for 80 games.  Wha...?
To make matters worse, he likely failed testing weeks ago (maybe during spring training) and was in the midst of an appeal that he only dropped right after last nights game.  That certainly adds insult to injury.
He claims that he did not knowingly ingest the illegal substances (per his recent statement), but the damage is done.  He's just a case of another false (failed) hero.  Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodgers History: In 2005 Eric Gagne, who was on the DL, is suspended and fined for two games.  He had heckled home plate umpire Bill Hohn; in violation of a rule saying that an DL'd player may not take part in any activity during the game.
  • Check out this Joc Pederson Baseball ProCamp by Citi (Link Here).  For boys and girls  from grades 1 to 8, it'll happen on August 11th at the Roybal Learning Center in Los Angeles.
  • A retelling of the story I'm sure you've heard a thousand times.  Via Alden Gonzalez at, "Gibson, Eck recall famous HR at Torre's event."
  • Via Bill Plunkett at the OC Register, "Dodgers use analytics, NFL-style meetings to help OFs."
The Dodgers have joined the wave with first-base and outfield coach George Lombard printing out laminated cards for the outfielders each day. The card list the position players on the opposing team and the bench players with designations next to each on how the Dodgers’ analysis shows they should be played.

“There’s just so much information that’s available – why not use it?” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said. “I know some guys feel like it hurts their pride to rely on stuff like that. But if it helps you make a play – why not?”
  • The Dodgers signed new multi-year deals with the radio broadcast team of Rick Monday and Charley Steiner.  Per a press release:
“I have been privileged over the years to call the Dodgers family and Dodger Stadium home and my broadcast partner my friend,” said Monday.  “I’m really looking forward to continuing this great experience with all of our wonderful fans.”

“From the time I was seven years of age, back when the Dodgers were in Brooklyn, all I ever wanted to be was an announcer for the Dodgers,” said Steiner.  “And to continue on in a place that I love, with a partner who is a good friend, and spending the last dozen years with Vin, there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t pinch myself."

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