Thursday, April 07, 2016

Don Drysdale Collection at SCP - Part IV - The Awards

No auction featuring personal items from an marque ballplayer like Don Drysdale would be complete without a peek at all of his awards, and as you can imagine he has plenty of great hardware.  Take a look at some of his best trophies below.

Directly below is Drysdale's 1962 Cy young Award.  (Auction Link)  This one piece alone has been the subject of some controversy.  As you may know, the Don Drysdale Collection is being sold by his widow, Ann Meyers Drysdale, over the public objections of his oldest daughter Kelly (from his first wife).  Per an AP story at ESPN:
"She has the legal right, but moral and decent right? Absolutely not," Kelly Drysdale said through tears by phone from her home in Hawaii. "It's not a very nice thing for someone to do. This is something that has caught me by surprise and is heartbreaking."
Now 56, the same age as her father when he died, Kelly Drysdale particularly wanted his 1962 Cy Young Award, which has a minimum bid of $15,000.

"That was the one thing that was proudly and prominently displayed in every house in which I ever lived," she said. "That was the first thing I asked if I could have and there was never a reply. These are things that have been in my family long before she ever met my father."
Whatever happens it is clear that this award will soon find a new home.  Hopefully, it'll be in a place we all can visit - like a museum, somewhere.
(Auction Link)

This next item looks awesome.  Below is Drysdale's 1959 MLB All-Star Game Most Outstanding Player Award, as presented by the Pittsburgh Sun Telegram . (Auction Link)  Drysdale was the NL's starting pitcher.  He pitched three shutout innings, faced only nine batters and struck out four of them; including Nellie Fox, Al Kaline, Rocky Calovito and Early Wynn (boxscore here).
(Auction Link)

Here are some rings.  At the bottom left is his 1963 Dodgers World Series Championship ring (Auction Link Here), and on the right 1965 Dodgers World Series Championship ring (Auction Link Here).

At the bottom left is his 1988 Dodgers World Series Championship ring (Auction Link Here),and on the right is the companion 1988 World Series trophy (Auction Link Here).

This last item is the National Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Presentation Plaque given to him in Cooperstown in 1984. (Auction Link Here)
(Auction Link)

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