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Julio Urias Checklist of his Early Baseball Cards - From 2013 to 2014

Since Julio Urias is on everyone's mind I thought I would take a moment to put together a checklist of Baseball cards for the left-handed phenom.  Below are pics (of the front and reverse) of most of his early Baseball cards.  I focus on cardboard from 2013 and 2014.  I might follow up on this checklist with pics of his cards from 2015 over the weekend, so stay tuned.  As always, there are numerous parallel cards available, but I've done my best to show only the normal base version of each card below.

If I missed anything please let me know. In fact, this listing includes some of his minor league team issued cards, but not likely all of them.  So, if you happen to have a pic available of anything I am missing please pass them along.  I also include a handful of oddball related collectibles.

For a 19-year old kid he sure does have a lot of cardboard available.  His very first officially licensed card is the below 2013 Bowman Sterling autographed card.  Although, it is not his most sought after card.  That is reserved for the always popular Bowman Chrome brand.  Specifically, his 2014 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autograph card.  Those cards in high-grade and as a low-numbered parallel sell for premium dollars.  In fact, the below 2013 Bowman Sterling card is a relative bargain in comparison.

BTW, the below cards are listed in chronological order from their time of release.  The only exceptions are the minor league team issued sets/memorabilia.

2013 Bowman Sterling

Prospect Autograph Insert
#BSAP-JU Julio Urias  

2013 Great Lakes Loons Team Set

 #26 Julio Urias

2013 August Great Lakes Loons "LoonsNest" Program

 Julio Urias on the cover

2014 Bowman Baseball

Prospect Base Set
#BP6 Julio Urias

Chrome Prospect Base Set
#BCP6 Julio Urias

Top 100 Prospect Insert Set
#BTP-44 Julio Urias

*There is also a parallel die-cut of the card above I though worth noting.  See it below.

Bowman Black Collection Autographs
#BBC-JU Julio Urias

Bowman Chrome Mini Autograph
#CMA-JU Julio Urias
(pic of purple parallel shown below)

Ultimate Prospect Autograph Book Card #/5
#Julio Urias
(pic not available)
(This card features a booklet card with 25 different autographs)

Oversized Ice Boxloaders
#OAI-JU Julio Urias 

(an autograph variation of this card also exist)

Oversized 1989 Bowman Autographs #/20
#89-JU Julio Urias 

2014 Topps Pro Debut

Base Card
#172 Julio Urias - Loons

Manufactured Hat Logo Patches
#MH-JU Julio Urias - Great Lakes Loons

2014 Bowman Inception

Base Prospect Autographs
#PA-JU Julio Urias

Inceptioned Bowman Autographs
#IBA-JU Julio Urias

Silver Signings Autographs
#SS-JU Julio Urias

The Bowman Black Collection
#BBC-JU Julio Urias 
(pic not available)

2014 Bowman Platinum

Prospects Base Set
#BPP46 Julio Urias

Prospects Chrome
#BPCP46 Julio Urias

Triple Autographed
#TA-LPU Julio Urias, Joc Pederson & Zach Lee 

2014 Topps Heritage Minor League

Base Set
#55 Julio Urias 

Base SP Variations Set
#55 Julio Urias
Variation Card                                    Normal Base Card 

Baseball Flashbacks Set
#FB-JU Julio Urias

2014 Bowman Chrome

Prospect Autographs Set
#BCAP-JU Julio Urias

Dualing Die-Cut Refractors Set
#DDC-UR Julio Urias

Mini Chrome Set Checklist
#MC-JU Julio Urias

2014 Bowman Draft

Top Prospects Base Set
#TP-14 Julio Urias

Chrome Top Prospects 
#CTP-14 Julio Urias

1989 Bowman is Back Silver Diamond Refractor
#89BIB-JU Julio Urias

Future of the Franchise Mini Chrome
#FF-JU Julio Urias

2014 Bowman Sterling

Prospects Base Set
#BSP-32 Julio Urias

2014 Bowman Chrome Mini

Prospect Mini Base
#2 Julio Urias

Topps released a complete factory set of Bowman Chrome cards in mini form during the winter.  As you can see, it looks exactly like the Bowman Chrome cards put out earlier in the year.

2014 Great Lakes Loons Magnet Schedule

*Featured Julio Urias

2014 Rancho Cucamonga Quakes Team Set

#17 Julio Urias

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