Friday, June 17, 2016

2016 Topps Series 2 - The Dodgers Scouting Report, Wrigley and 65th Celebration Cards

I now dive into the various Dodgers insert cards available in Series 2 packs.  Take a look at the Scouting Report, the 100 Years at Wrigley Field and Celebrating 65 Years cards below.

Scouting Report Autographs

#SRA-AW Alex Wood                       #SRA-CS Corey Seager

#SRA-FM Frankie Montas                  #SRA-KME Kenta Maeda

#SRA-ZL Zach Lee

Scouting Report Relics

#SRR-CS Corey Seager

100 Years at Wrigley Field

#WRIG-45 Jackie Robinson

Celebrating 65 years

#65-1952 Jackie Robinson

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