Friday, September 02, 2016

Vintage Dodgers Newsletter - Dodgers Line Drives - May 1951, Vol. 10, #12

I like the title of this newsletter.  It states in bold letters, "Experts Predict Pennant for Dodgers", and it highlights the opinions of several members of the traveling press corps.  As we know know, unfortunately, the Dodgers fell short of that goal.  Their season ended when Bobby Thompson walloped an walk-off homer off of Ralph Branca during a final three-game series to decide the pennant. 

As for the rest of the newsletter (click on any pic to embiggen), it features the following:
  • Four Dodger youngsters are noted as potentially being high-impact players for the club.  They are starting pitcher Clyde King, third baseman Rocky Bridges, outfielder Hank Edwards and outfielder Don Thompson.
  • They also announce a brand new post game show for Dodgers broadcast hosted by Happy Felton.  At the time, Felton was already hosting a pregame show called the "Knothole Gang" that featured kids working out and practicing with Dodger players.  This new show would be broadcast after each home game and be titled, "Talk to the Stars".  Fans would call in to ask direct questions to two Dodger players.

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