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Blog Kiosk: 4/21/2017 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

Today is historically quite an inauspicious day in Dodger history. As stated below, in 1925 we laid to rest the owner of the team, Charles Ebbets. He had risen through the ranks within the club, starting as a ticket, peanut and scorecard salesman to eventual owner and president. On this day though, he was buried in Brooklyn after having had a heart attack just three days prior. At the same time, his business partner, friend and newly named team president, Ed McKeever, got pneumonia while attending Ebbets funeral services. He would die soon thereafter.

Above is a circa 1913 vintage photo of the pair taken by legendary Baseball photographer George Bain. Ignore the markings at the top. Ed McKeever stands on the left and Charles is on the far right.

Below are some links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodgers History: In 1925 Dodgers owner Charles Ebbets is buried at Brooklyn's Greenwood Cemetery. All National League games are cancelled in observance. In a strange twist of fate, new Dodgers President Edward McKeever contracts pneumonia at the services and dies eight days later. In 1955 the Brooklyn Dodgers win the 10th consecutive game in a row to start the season -- setting a then major league record. In 1967 the Los Angeles Dodgers experienced their first ever rain-out since moving west -- a streak of 737 consecutive games played at home. In 2000 the game between the Dodgers and Reds is delayed 27 minutes. The umpires' equipment was accidentally shipped to New York, and replacement gear had to be purchased at a nearby store. Furthermore, due to heavy traffic a police escort is used.
  • Happy Birthday, Bert Hogg, Stan Rojek, Jesse Orosco, Chris Donnels, Jack Taschner, Terry Tiffee & Joc Pederson!
  • Per Mark Feinsand at; "Q&A: Zaidi discusses rise to role with Dodgers." You held a few different jobs before getting into baseball, including a position in the fantasy sports division of The Sporting News. Did you ever dream when you were working in fantasy sports that you would have a chance to actually run your own baseball team?

Zaidi: No. It was an aspiration, but being a numbers guy, if you'd asked me to handicap the odds, I wouldn't have gotten too carried away with the chances. I had worked at a management consulting firm, and this fantasy sports company, which I had a great time at, was really the closest access that I could get to working in sports. I did that for a year, and I wound up going to grad school after that, because the path to a team seemed a little too difficult and distant.
“It was probably his first year in college, I talked to him briefly about his future and asked him about Plan B, because of course it’s a really selective field,” said Joe’s father, Paul. “He quite emphatically told me, ‘I don’t have a Plan B.’ It was at that point I really thought that this was kind of make it or break it.”
“I just didn’t notice,” Baez said through team interpreter Jesus Quinonez, when asked about his traffic-jam pace. “I didn’t think I took that long. I thought it was normal. Now I understand after they talked about it. I’m working on it. I’ve been working on it since then to speed it up a little bit.”
  • Check out this little play by Julio Urias the other day, via his twitter:

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