Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Vintage Dodgers' Memorabilia for the Collection - Happy Felton and the 1955 Dodgers

Here are a couple more items from an auction lot I won several weeks ago featuring vintage Dodgers memorabilia. Last week I mentioned a LA Dodger pennant that was in the lot that celebrates the "First Annual Dodger Dinner." Now, I share a couple of other premiums that focus on the Brooklyn Dodgers.

You may not know who the portly fellow above is, but I assure you Brooklyn fans do.

Above is a photo premium with facsimile autograph of Dodgers pregame host Happy Felton. He was a part of an popular television show called the Knot-Hole Gang that aired on WOR-TV, channel 9 in New York before every Dodger game. The half-hour show featured a group of three little league ballplayers working out and performing the same drills as the pro's as a Dodger player looked on. Then, the Dodger would pick out one of the kids for a special prize. That little leaguer would have the opportunity to meet any Dodger of their choice the following home game, hang out in the dugout with the team and perform a live interview with their favorite player for that afternoon's Knot-Hole Gang show. You can watch a complete episode here -- it features the great Jackie Robinson.

This next item is of unknown origin (as least to me). Below is a team photo of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers. It's roughly 4" x 6" and printed on cardboard.

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