Tuesday, October 17, 2017

2017 Sports Crate - Adrian Gonzalez Figurine has Finally Arrived

The second to last piece to the 2017 Dodgers Sports Crate set has arrived. As you know, this inaugural fan subscription service delivered its final five-crate box a couple of weeks ago, but (like in the previous crate) it did not include the promised Dodger figurine. Yesterday, I received one of the two remaining figurines not already sent out to collectors. Featured here is the Adrian Gonzalez 2017 Sports Crate action figure. Hopefully the final figurine of Joc Pederson arrives soon.

As you can see, it is a fully posable toy with an overly accentuated muscular physic. They include a base (first base?) for him to stand on and a bat for him to beat the opposing first baseman with (I jest, of course). Strangely (considering the base provided), they don't include a glove for him to use. Nevertheless, it looks just like AGon.

Overall, I like all of the figurines they've made so far, with one exception. The first three figurines are very difficult to keep standing up. I'll set them up, but within a few days they slowly start to fall over. This Agon figure doesn't appear to have this problem. I'll know for sure if this is the case in a few days. BTW, go here to check out my previous post on the Adrian Gonzalez Sports Crate box. Also, go here to check out all of my past post on this unique set.

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