Monday, October 23, 2017

2017 Topps Now - World Series Matchup Cards - Dodgers vs. Astros

Today, it has been announced that a ten-card 2017 Topps Now World Series Matchup card set is now available for order. As the name suggest, each card compares the starters for the main top ten positions, and it offers bonus cards should the person highlighted earn the World Series MVP, has a 3 homer game or throws a complete game. So, you can pick and choose which one you want (and maybe get some bonus cards), or you can purchase a full-ten card bundle for $59.99 (go here to order). BTW, each card can be purchased individually for $9.99, and is discounted heavily should you buy a larger lot of the cards.

From what I can tell, the player or position favored in the matchup appears on the front of the card. Only three positions do not have the Dodgers favored, with the shortstop position left blank for the Dodgers (due to Seager's uncertainty at the time of this announcement). Below is a look at all ten cards.

Starting Pitching:

This card pits Kershaw, Darvish, Wood and Hill versus Keuchel, Verlander, McCullers and Morton. Go here to check it out and order.


I guess it's official. Austin Barnes is now our starting catcher. This card matches him against Houston catcher Brian McCann. Go here to check it out and order.

1st Base:

It should be no surprise that Cody Belinger is featured on the front of this card. His opposite, on the other hand, is no chump. I expect to be impressed with Yuli Gurriel in this series. Go here to check it out and order.

2nd Base:

This is probably the biggest mismatch of the series. Jose Altuve is unquestionably the best second baseman of the game. Logan Forsythe has been disappointing this season, but still has the tools to be effective in a seven-game series. Go here to check it out and order.

3rd Base:

Like the second base position mentioned above, one player is far better than his peer. This card pits Justin Turner against Alex Bregman. Go here to check it out and order.

Short Stop:

As you can see, they've left the Dodger position blank, for now. As you know, Corey Seager did not play during the NLCS due to injury, but is expected back for the World Series. So you should expect him to fill that empty space. Carlos Correa is shown on the front of this card for the Astros. As to whether he will remain on the front when this card actually gets printed is an interesting question. Frankly, both players are good -- very good. They are evenly matched, and I suspect both of them will make an impact. Suffice it to say, this position is a toss-up. Go here to check it out and order.

Left Field:

This next card has Kiké Hernández going against Marwin Gonzalez, which is a little strange. I don't know if I would consider Kiké our main guy in left. Nevertheless, his outstanding Game 5 last week earns him this consideration. Go here to check it out and order.

Center Field:

Although George Spring is clearly one of the best in center field, Chris Taylor is far from being an unknown -- at least, not anymore. Taylor, who has been our lead-off guy, continues to impress with surprising power and outstanding at-bats. Go here to check it out and order.

Right Field: 

Right field belongs to Yasiel Puig. Nobody has his arm and nobody has had better at-bats then him this playoffs. He has been surprisingly mature at the plate (and outside the game). Josh Reddick, on the other hand, can bite meGo here to check it out and order.


Is there anyone better than Kenley right now? The Astros closer is named Ken Giles, and I have no idea if he is any good. And I sincerely hope we never find out. Hopefully, he is stuck in the bullpen all series long due to an overwhelming scoring barrage that surprises all of Baseball. Go here to check it out and order.

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