Saturday, October 27, 2018

2018 Topps Now - World Series Game 3 Cards, Relics and Autographs

This might be the case of maximum overkill on the part of Topps, but who cares. Last night's game was epic and that requires an epic number of cards. Featured here are the six different 2018 Topps Now base cards highlighting just about every important moment from last night's game and more relic/autographed cards than you can imagine... Really, there are 16 of them. Wow!

First, let's start of with card #936 which features our rookie starting pitcher Walker Buehler. It notes his brilliant seven inning shutout performance -- a franchise best since Johnny Podres in 1955. Go here to check it out and order.

The next card (#937) takes a look at the Joc Pederson's solo home run in the third inning to open the scoring. He walloped Rick Pocello's first pitch into the right field stands. Go here to check it out and order.

Following that is Cody Bellinger's game-saving and thrilling catch-and-throw-'em-out play at the plate in the tenth inning (#939). With a man on third, Eduardo Nunez hit a flyball to center that resulting in a rare tag at home plate for a double play. Go here to check it out and order.

Then in the 13th inning the Dodgers found themselves down by a run with the series and season at stake. Yasiel Puig came up to the plate, with Max Muncy on second, and proceeded to hit a sharp grounder up-the-middle that was mishandled and thrown away for a single, error and game tying run (#941). Go here to check it out and order.

Now here's the walkoff card featuring Max Muncy in the 18th inning. Go here to check it out and order.

Lastly, this final base card celebrates the Dodgers win which proved to be the longest game in World Series history. Go here to check it out and order.

Below are all the limited relic and autographed cards made available today. I've paired the card edition size with it's original asking price. Many of these are still available at the time of this posting. Go Blue!

Walker Buehler
99 @ $99.99                                    49 @ $199.99

25 @ $299.99                                  10 @ $499.99

5 @ $699.99                                      1 @ $2999.99

Max Muncy

99 @ $64.99                                    49 @ $199.99

25 @ $179.99                                   10 @ $279.99

5 @ $399.99                                    1 @ $999.99

Dodgers Celebration Card

25 @ $99.99                                10 @ $179.99

5 @ $299.99                                  1 @ $999.99

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  1. By my calculations that's a little over 72 thousand dollars, and that's not including all the base cards they'll sell. Obviously there are production, shipping, and licensing costs, but nice work if you can get it.


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