Wednesday, January 16, 2019

1951 Brooklyn Eagle Printing Plate of the Duke

At just 24-years of age, the young Snider had just finished his first great season as a Dodger. In 1950 he slashed a fantastic .321/.379/.553/.932 to become an All-Star and MVP candidate (coming in ninth place) for the first time. So naturally, a nice little raise was in order.

Featured above is a January 28, 1951 (link here) Brooklyn Eagle printing plate of Duke Snider that accompanies a story highlighting his signing of a new contract for the upcoming 1951 season. Here's the headline:
Snider Okays 1951 Dodger Pact; Figure Set at $15,000
According to Baseball Reference (link here) Snider made $12,000 in 1950, so this new salary represented a 25% increase. Furthermore, BR actually shows a higher salary figure than what's seen in the Brooklyn Eagle article. They believe Duke's contract was at $20,000. Whatever the truth may be, Duke Snider was now a star. Below is an excerpt of the article:
The Duke became the first Dodger outfielder in 20 years to hit over 30 home runs in a season, Babe Herman (35) being the last to turn the trick. Likewise, his league leading total bases mark of 343 was the highest by a Dodger since Herman led the Brooks in 1930 with 416. 
Snider began to call Ebbets Field home in 1950, for he tied Robinson at .338 to share the team leadership after hitting a mere .258 at home the year before. Duke led the closing September drive on the pennant, hitting .336 that month. 
Chosen the All-Star centerfielder after a controversy, he was the second-youngest on the National League's team. Robin Roberts being 11 days younger.

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