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Blog Kiosk: 2/19/2020 - Dodgers Links & News - Some Odds and Ends

Kershaw is excited for the season, regardless of the controversy currently embroiling the game. Via Rowan Kavner at Dodger Insider:
“I think any time you add players of Mookie’s caliber, of David’s caliber, there’s a little bit added excitement for sure,” Kershaw said. “We’re fired up. We know we have a good team. Now we’ve just got to go play.”
“I love baseball,” Kershaw said. “I’m excited about it, and I’m just thinking about the 12-year-old kid at home that… here’s all this stuff. It’s hard to decipher. It’s just a lot of negative and negative and negative, and rightfully so. It’s a lot of stuff that’s going on that shouldn’t have happened, but at the same time, the season’s going to happen. We’re excited about it. This team is excited. There’s going to be a lot of great baseball, and I’m fired up for that.”
Photos above and on the right via @Dodgers on twitter. Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodgers HistoryIn 1954 the Dodgers signed 19-year old Roberto Clemente to a one-year contract worth $5,000 with a $10,000 signing bonus. He was highly scouted by both the Yankees and Giants, but they all got outbid by the Dodgers. Unfortunately, they would lose Clemente's rights during the upcoming 1954 Rule V Draft to Pittsburgh... And guess who was the Pirates GM at the time -- Branch RickeyIn 1983 22-year old Dodger hurler Fernando Valenzuela becomes the first ballplayer awarded an $1,000,000 salary during arbitration. The Dodgers had countered with a salary of $750,000.
  • Happy BirthdayOscar RoettgerDick SiebertGail HopkinsDave StewartJosh Reddick & Fabio Castillo! 
  • Via Jon Weisman at Dodgher Insider -- "Andre Ethier had the most to lose from the Astros’ scandal, but he is far from bitter."
“I know MLB’s hands are tied now,” Ethier said. “I think our union could do a great job of setting precedent and taking action. If MLB’s not (going to do it), why not stand up for the 400-500 other players around the league?”
“Brothers get in fights, but brothers also make up and learn from their mistakes and are held accountable by each other, and that’s how you make yourself stronger. … MLB is going to say this is an obvious detraction from the strength as a union as a whole, but I believe the players and union can show baseball that we do have solidarity thorough our union that will show integrity and hold each other accountable.”

  • This weeks 2020 Topps On-Demand set (#4 this year) showcases the 2019 in 'black & white' images. It is being called 'MLB Black & White Baseball'. Check out a Gavin Lux autographed cad on the right. Go here to check it out and order.
  • Per Ken Gurnick at -- "Muncy 'going to work harder than ever'"
And his mission this spring?
“Same thing,” Muncy said Monday. “Act like you haven’t done anything yet. Pretend no one knows who you are and work as hard as you can in Spring Training and act like you’re still trying to win a spot. For me, that’s the same mindset as last year. I don’t plan on ever changing that because I don’t want to be complacent. I’m going to work harder than ever. Just act like I’ve never done it before.”

  • Via Kaylee Douglas at KFOR -- "OKC Dodgers announce plans to honor 25th anniversary of Oklahoma City bombing."
“The events that occurred both on and after April 19, 1995 play an indelible role in the story of Oklahoma City and our community,” said OKC Dodgers President/General Manager Michael Byrnes. “By taking these measures, we want to make sure that story is always at the forefront of our minds, and that we can help live up to the Memorial & Museum’s standard of remembering those who were killed, those who survived, and those changed forever.”

On why Astros players were granted immunity as part of the investigation:
“Immediately after the [Athletic] article [with Mike Fiers’ allegations], we launched an investigation. Our early efforts were not particularly successful in terms of making progress with the investigation. My office then contacted the MLBPA to request player cooperation. We wanted players to submit to interviews. The MLBPA asked if we have disciplinary intention. Our response was that we could not rule that out. The union indicated that would be a problem. We went back and suggested to them an initial list of players we would grant immunity to, preserving our ability to discipline other players. And the union came back that players would cooperate only if there was blanket immunity. Because we were at a stalemate and knew we needed player witnesses, we agreed to that.

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