Friday, April 17, 2020

2020 Topps Project 2020 -- Sandy Koufax's Second Card

Fast on the heals of the Jackie Robinson card released yesterday is the second Sandy Koufax card from Topps' Project 2020 set. Check it out above. Go here to check it out and order. BTW, you can see Koufax's first card here.

The Koufax card was created by a fellow known as oldmanalan -- or 'old man alan' -- and he is regarded as more of a tastemaker/streetwear influencer than an artist. Per an interview at Modern Notoriety:
“My name is Alan G. I don’t know what I would really title myself officially other than just someone who loves to create and bring good vibes to the people. I’ve started several movements you might have heard of like @OutfitFromAbove, @Simple.Fits, @TODAYSHYPE, @MinimalMovement, @MobileSneakers, @boostVIBES as well as some other platforms.”
You can follow his twitter here: @oldmanalan_; Instagram: @oldmanalan.

As for the card itself, it in no way resembles Sandy's 1955 Topps rookie card (see it on the right). Instead, it's reminiscent of the 1953 Bowman Baseball card design -- which featured just a color photo with white & black borders and no writing on the front. On oldmanalan's card he includes the Topps logo and the subjects name, position and team.

Why he chose to use this design and photo (which was not used in Koufax's original card), I do not know. That said, the card does have a crisp and clean design.

Personally, I think this is the worst of the four Dodgers' Project 2020 cards revealed so far. It lacks the pizzazz and creativity we've seen from his fellow Project 2020 artist.


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  1. This is my favorite card in the series...and I might just have to get one.

  2. I'd rather have a new card with a new picture than an "art" treatment of an old card...but it certainly doesn't seem to fit the project. Very strange.

  3. Not a huge fan of this project 2020... but this card isn't too bad. I think it would look really cool with a Koufax signature running across it.


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