Tuesday, August 18, 2020

2019 Leaf Trinity Baseball - All the Dodger Prospects

I really hate Leaf sometimes, and this set is an example of why. Featured here are cards from their recently released Trinity brand of baseball cards -- except it's not designated as a set from 2020. Instead, Leaf is calling this their 2019 Leaf Trinity baseball set. Considering that we are already in the eighth month of 2020 makes Leaf's dating absurd. Nevertheless, I've got pics of the three Dodger prospects in the set. Check them all out below. Go here for a complete checklist.

Clear Autographs

#CA-GL1 Gavin Lux      #CA-GL2 Lux-Alt Image

#CA-KH1 Kody Hoese           #CA-MB1 Michael Busch

Patch Autographs 

#PA-GL1 Gavin Lux                  #PA-GL2 Lux-Alt Image

#PA-KH1 Kody Hoese               #PA-MB1 Michael Busch


#A-GL1 Gavin Lux

#A-GL2 Gavin Lux - Alt Image

#A-KH1 Kody Hoese

#A-MB1 Michael Busch

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