Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ebay Oddball win of the Week: WWI BF2

This is one of the most unusual items I've ever won on eBay. Arriving this week was a 1916 Ferguson Bakeries (Roxbury Mass) WWI Allied Hereos mini pennant of US Major General James G. Harbord. Its about 5 5/8" long and has a black & white picture of the General. Its very similar to the baseball BF2 version. I'm not sure how many different pennants exist in the set. If anyone has a clue please let me know.

I know the seller had several different pennants; including a 22 inch long large pennant of Allied Hero flying ace Lieutenant Ed Rickenbacher- famous for fighting the Red Baron, available for sale over a couple week period. Other heroes included: Admiral Mayo, Admiral Gleaves, Admiral Benson, King Victor Emanuel III, of Italy, Secretary of War Baker, General Brewster, General Menoher, General Pershing, Lieutenant Ed Rickenbacher (mini version) and President Woodrow Wilson. The Gleaves and Benson should be arriving in a few days.

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