Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Great LA Dodgers Blue Heaven Sleepover

Ya know, If I had found out about this ahead of time I would have seriously considered going. Furthermore, if I had known that they would call this event the "Blue Heaven Sleepover" I would have definitely been a participant. Oh Well. There's always next year.

Tom Hoffarth of Farther Off the Wall writes about the experience. He also was kind enough to post some pictures. Go and check it out.
5:35 a.m.: Daybreak. There's something you'll never get to see, no matter how many extra innings a game might go: The sun coming up over the right field pavilion. The chirping from the birds and cackling from the crows picking over the garbage still left from the previous day's game echo loudly through the empty seats and serve as an interesting wake-up call.
Wow. I think I will be going the next time they do this.

Hattip: Dodger Thoughts

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