Thursday, July 06, 2006

Negro League Cabinet Photo on eBay

This is the coolest item on eBay right now. It's a old Cabinet Photo of two baseball teams in an exhibition- a dedication ceremony game of a new park in Jamestown, New York. What's great about it is that one of the opponents is a Negro League team, the Cubin Giants (Cuban). A very rare item indeed. The seller states it is from the 1920's due to the uniforms of the Negro League team. Unfortunately, I could not find any photos of old vintage team uniforms from that time period to verify this. It doesn't matter too much though, it's already priced above my limit. Nevertheless, if you know anything about the game or the players please let me know. I also could not match any of the pictures with any known players with certainty. I think the first player on the left may be Martin Dihigo. Also, I recognize the tall fellow wearing the dark coat, but I can't place him right now. I wouldn't be surprised if the photo has some well known Negro League players. The photographer was The Camp Art Co. Jamestown N.Y. The Score was Art Metal Company 3 Cubin (Cuban) Giants 2 in 17 innings.

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