Friday, August 04, 2006

More National Pick-Ups

I thought I would add more pics of items I purchased at the recent National Convention in Anaheim. Above are 2 advertising photos from Spalding of Maury Wills and Don Drysdale.
These are press wire photos. The top photo features Dusty Baker from 5/10/1976. The middle photo is Franklin Stubbs sliding into 2nd base from 5/5/1987. The bottom photo is of Cesar Cedeno sliding into home from 5/7/1986. The above photo is of Mr. & Mrs. Don and Ginger Drysdale. It is a NBC promotion photo from when they appeared as special guest on "You Bet Your Life." 2/6/1959


  1. I met Don at a hotel in Montreal. He was a very nice guy .. at least to me.

  2. Hey Jason. I only had a opportunity to meet Drysdale once myself, but under different circumstances. He was signing autographs at a card show at around the time the LA riots happened after the Rodney King verdict. There was a show at the Anaheim Convention Center either the week after or the 2nd week after the riots started and I had a table set-up to sell my wares. Needless to say nobody came out to the show except a bunch of out of pocket dealers and contractually committed guest signers. It was obvious Don Drysdale did not want to be there and, frankly, neither did I. There was still some uncertainty about how big the riots might get. Nevertheless, he did sign a bat for me that I still have today.


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