Sunday, October 29, 2006

Baseball fan grabs a ball in 454 games in a row

In all of my years of going to ball games with my glove in hand I have never gotten a foul ball. I've come close. Very close!

Once, I had gotten seats in the field area when I was in junior high. We where at the game early to see batting practice. I was walking to our seats with the afternoons meal in hand. Two large cokes, a couple of hot dogs and nachos filled my arms. As I got to my seat a foul ball came whistling right towards me. I had a choice to make. Do I drop my food and grab the liner heading right for my head, or do I duck and chase the ball after it slams the seat to my left. Well, I chose to duck. The ball hit the seat bottom and bounced 30 to 40 feet in the direction towards some other fans at the railings. Dammit! My best chance ever just flew by me. An old man a couple of rows behind me turned and said, "that was yours kid" I lifted my shoulders and shrugged. I figured another chance would happen some day. Today, it's been almost 20 years.

Now I see that this guy has gotten one in over 400 straight games. No fair! Here's the Link:

Hat Tip: Vintage Baseball Card Forum: Trae r:

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