Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My Free Agency Wish List

The most recent list of free agency available players is pretty large and includes a handful of notable names. Check out the list here. If I were to chose which players I wouldn't mind seeing in Blue they would be:
  • David Riske- we need some relief help
  • Jamie Walker- more relief help
  • Octavio Dotel- a dark horse candidate for comeback player of the year and more relief help
  • Carlos Lee- but there may not be any room for him
  • Vicente Padilla- I think that he is more than a capable starter
  • Ted Lilly- Another middle of the road starter who could do wonders for us
  • Miguel Batista- I've always liked him as a starter
  • Kerry Wood- but only at a reasonable price since injury is always a possibility
  • Dave Weathers- an old pro reliever with a wealth of experience
  • Wade Miller- another potential injury in the making, but someone I would be willing to take a flyer on
  • Joe Borowski- are you seeing a trend. I think pitching, especially relief, will be key next year
  • Guillermo Mota- bring the tall man home
  • Orlando Hernandez- I love this Cuban hurler
  • Moises Alou- this guy can hit
  • Jason Schmidt- this guy can pitch
  • Alfonso Soriano- this guy can do it all, except defense. Is there room for him if Either and Kemp stay on?
Anyway, this is my list so far.

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