Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mastro Auctions

Mastro is about to close up on their most recent auction over the next few days. There are some remarkable items available; including the below original photograph of the pitching hand of Hall of Famer Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown. It's amazing he could throw a baseball, let alone be as dominating as he was. The Auction description says it all.
"A terrible accident with a corn shredder left seven-year-old Mordecai Brown with a stump for an index finger and two other misshapen digits. For some people, such a handicap would be an insurmountable obstacle; for Brown, it was the source of his strength and the catalyst for his amazing curveball. He learned how to use the severed finger to his advantage as a pitcher, applying an unusually high amount of spin that made his pitches nearly unhitable. And, as the record books show, "Three-Finger" Brown not only made it to the majors, he was actually a dominant force there, winning 239 games over 14 seasons and restricting his career ERA to an infinitesimal 2.06."
Of course, It wouldn't be right to highlight a major auction house without pointing out some great Dodger items. Below is a 1948 spring training news service photograph featuring a very young Roy Campanella with Jackie Robinson. This is from Campy's rookie year.
I can't get enough of seeing the Babe in a Dodger uniform. He just looks out of place without pinstripes. Below is the Babe posing with his wife and daughter.

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