Saturday, April 21, 2007

YouTube: Dodger Videos

Sanjaya Gets Booed at Dodger Stadium.

YouTube Video: CaliforniaFamous:

Below is a great fan video featuring their opening day adventure to Dodger Stadium this year.

YouTube Link: westcoveop:

Below is a video highlighting the Great Jackie Robinson.

YouTube Link: FaithFamily:

Below is a video of the guy who jumped onto the Dodger field on Opening Day. What's interesting about this video is it begins from when the guy walks down the aisle, jumps over the fence, runs into the outfield and gets tackled by security. From beginning to end.

YouTube Link: dgrfan0909:

Below is a video between the cross-town tee-ball rivals Pee Wee Dodgers versus the Pee Wee Diamondbacks. A future star was made.

YouTube Link: DodgersTeeBall

Below the ballboy gets hit in the face with a batted foul ball at Dodger Stadium.

YouTube Link: TheMoodlenator:

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