Thursday, May 24, 2007

LA's Forgotten Man- Ramon Martinez

With all of the talk about Russell Martin's leadership, Furcal's recent offensive push, Juan Pierre's scary defense and Willie Mays Hayes-like fly balls, the trouble at third, Tomko's demotion, Yhency's return and Saito's continued mastery, who has seemingly disappeared? Well it's Ramon Martinez.

I feel like this is a game of Where's Waldo. Is he here? Is he there? Where has he gone? Where is he? Has he run off to some distant land hoping that the Dodger faithful can find him before it's too late, or that management will finally let him play? Ramon has not been in a game since May 14th. That was 10 days ago. Of course, hitting .170 might have something to do with it. On the other hand, I think it's a message of the time.

We are in the midst of experiencing the fruits of our teams labor as our young infielders invade town. Abreu, LaRoche and Loney are chomping at the bit. They are ready to start their own dynasty. As a result, our super-reserve has been relegated to super bench warmer. Do you think he would have any trade value today?

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