Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Listen to Coach Brown!

So I went to games 2 & 3 of the freeway series in Anaheim and made the following observation. Someone should force Juan Pierre to do some pushups.

Below is a partial transcript from the movie Major League.


Well, you may run like Mays, but you hit like shit.

My stroke'll come back once I get
warmed up.

(referring to some stats)
Never did get warmed up last year.
Hit .211 at Maine. I looked him up.

I think Mr. Hayes shows some promise.
His speed could be a big asset.

For what? Running back to the dugout?

You gotta stop swingin' for the fences
though, Hayes. All you're gonna do
is give yourself a hernia. With your
speed you should be hittin' the ball
on the ground, leggin' 'em out. Every
time I see you hit one in the air,
you owe me twenty pushups.

Coach Brown you have some great advice there.

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Movie Transcript Link:

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