Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lieberthal: SoCal Native, A Philly Staple and a Catching Mentor

Mike Lieberthal has gone full circle. Raised in California and born a Dodger fan, he became a third overall pick during the 1990 draft out of Westlake High School. By 1994 he got his first taste of the big leagues with the Phillies and has never looked back. After two All-Star game appearances, a Gold Glove and over a decade as a front-line starting catcher he now finds himself back home, during the twilight of his career, with the team he grew up watching. The Dodgers are happy to have him on board- if not for his past achievements, but for his ability to show Russell Martin the way.
Lieberthal also contributes in less obvious ways. Perhaps the most important is that he is an experienced mentor and sounding board for Martin.

"We get along pretty well, and we're pretty close off the field," Lieberthal said. "I feel like I can pretty much tell him anything that is going to help him, and he is very receptive, and he has a good understanding. I don't think it's hard with Russ, because there isn't a whole lot you need to say to him."

Its been good to have him on board. Besides, any player who bleeds Blue and decides to come home to play for our team deserve our respect and admiration.

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