Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Last of My Spring Training Photos

Sorry for the delay in posting these photos. My last day in Arizona was this past Saturday. I had a late evening flight arranged so that we could make the Dodgers vs. Angels game in Phoenix. I was surrounded by red, but the Blue was more vocal. Derek Lowe looked great and appears ready for the season. Unfortunately, our relief staff continued to falter. Saito did not look good out there.

Below is Derek Lowe pitching in the first inning.

Hu's on Third! Sorry I had to do it.
Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is one of the nicest facilities I've ever visited. There are more shopping and dining activities available here than many local malls. The highlight of my 2 hour wait, other than chatting with a Giants fans at a nearby watering hole, was when I stumbled into a small art gallery consisting of artworks owned by the airport. Imagine my surprise when I noticed Jackie Robinson and Kirk Gibson in the corner of my eye.
This place was a nice distraction. My short 2008 Spring Training adventure was coming to an end and this place was a nice way to end the trip.
My Spring Training Photoalbum:

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