Saturday, April 12, 2008

Suite Seats The Movie

Is it morning yet? I woke up both disheveled and confused. My hair was giving me its best Carrot Top impression. It was matted with choice spikes, looking like stalagmites in a deep underground cave. I was still wearing my Dodger jersey. Had I slept in it last night? It was wrinkled and in need of a wash. My cap was sitting atop my alarm with my glasses barely hanging on the ledge of my end table. What happened? Did last night really occur? Wow.

As many of you know, several Dodger bloggers were invited to spend the evening at Dodger Stadium. We were to be regaled with hot dogs, a suite and some special guest. I remember that Friday afternoon, I was anxiously fidgeting at work eager to end the day. Minute by minute passed, but it felt like hours.

At around 4PM i started wondering about the evening. Who would be the special guest Josh Rawitch mentioned? Would Colletti, or even McCourt himself show up? Would the most famous Dodger blogger of them all, Alyssa Milano, stop bye to say hello.

I walked through the concourse with two friends in tow. We opened the door to the suite that would become our haven for the next few hours. To my surprise Alyssa was there to greet us all with a smile and a firm handshake, even firmer than Ned Colletti's shake. I said "G' Day Alyssa" and gave her a big hug. A childhood dream had been fulfilled. My friend Bill was frozen like a goalie facing a Zdeno Chara slapshot. He almost vomited at the sight of her like Stan from South Park when he meets Wendy. All evening Alyssa and I chatted as I could tell the fireworks were flying. By the end of the game we left arm in arm, exchanged numbers and planned to meet at a nearby club.

My phone was ringing. I'm still at the office. I can barely hold up my head as drool starts to fall from chin to desk. Dammit! Had I been daydreaming? Where's Alyssa? Is it game time? Damn, it's only 4:20. I started preparing to leave the office so that I could pick up my friends for an evening that was sure to be unforgettable.

From here the whole actual evening is a blur. GM Ned Colletti came by and spent almost half an hour before the start of the game to answer our questions. As Chris from wrote, he has some great looking boots. Team owner Frank McCourt stopped by during the early innings and was open and amiable. The saintly Tommy Lasorda finished the evening off with stories about the past. I love that old man.

I would like to thank Josh Rawitch for an incredible evening. I would especially like to thank Chris from for making the suggestion to Josh. It was great meeting everyone there. I am hopeful that we can do this regularly, whether it's sponsored by the Dodgers or if we decide to do it ourselves. For more details about the night, far beyond anything I can remember please check out the post from the other bloggers in attendance. They've done a much better job of recalling the evening than I ever could.
And yes Robert, I started the morning off right with a pick-me-up hot dog. Now I feel great! Thanks for the advice.

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