Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Golly

There is something so wrong about this. Nobody should be voting for Manny to be in the All-Star Game. Unfortunately, he is fourth in overall voting for outfielders. Now, there is a blog promoting his inclusion. Why-O-Why?
The purpose of this blog is to get Manny Ramirez elected as a STARTER to the 2009 All Star Game in St. Louis?


To highlight the silliness that are the MLB rules towards PED users as well as their "head in the sand" approach to this situation. Rather than confront it head-on, MLB is choosing to do nothing and simply hope there are three higher vote getters in the NL OF....

...Not to mention all of the other stupid things that now surround the ASG, including the "winner gets HFA in the World Series" rule.
This is just silly. Please stop. Only folks deserving should be in the All-Star Game and, obviously, Manny does not deserve to go. In fact, it would be an embarrassment to the fans, to Baseball and the Dodgers.

Hat Tip: Babes Love Baseball:


  1. Bravo, Ernest! When I first heard of this "Vote for Manny" site, I just about threw up. Add to that, I just checked the "Inside the Dodgers" site and their poll is currently in favor (65%) of Manny playing in the ASG. What the hell is wrong with you people!! Do you honestly think he made a "mistake" as he stated? He knew exactly what he was doing and intentionally broke the rules. That, my friends, is no mistake. All you people who bashed Bonds for juicing (which is most Dodger fans), but still support Manny are a bunch of freaking hypocrites.

  2. My thought exactly! Being an avid Bonds hater only makes what Manny did even worse.

    I just don't see any excuse.

    I will add, though, that I can forgive. After all, like it or not, he still wears Blue and that makes him family.

    I want nothing more than for him to address the fans.

  3. The Sports Debates just devoted time to debating whether or not Manny should play. Here's the verdict:



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