Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ITPC Auctions: Rare Vintage Dodger Statues

Inside The Park Collectibles is known for their expertise in vintage memorabilia. When they hold an auction they usually bring out the good stuff. Their current Spring Auction does not disappoint. They have some great vintage Dodger memorabilia worth sharing. Below is a late 50's 14 inch LA Dodgers mascot statue.
(It) "combines the old-look Brooklyn Dodgers bum with a new California look."
It has a opening bid of $350.00.

Now we get to the really good stuff. Below are two very rare and highly sought after 1960's bobbleheads from the "Weirdo" series. Directly below is the "Screwball." Notice that this angry Dodger (The Dodger emblem on his chest has faded) is holding a Baseball with a screw in it. It has an opening bid of $350.00.

This is the goofiest of the "Weirdo" bobbleheads that I've ever seen. Dubbed "The Sweeper" this one toothed smiling fool is ready to clean up the field. It has an opening bid of $350.00.

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