Monday, July 20, 2009

2009 Obak Previews

Modern cards borrowing their design from vintage sets is all the rage today. Topps has the Allen & Ginter set, Upper Deck will be releasing their inaugural Goodwin Champions set and now TriStar (maker of minor league cards) has Obak.

As indicated above, TriStar has become the preeminent producer of Minor League Baseball cards for the hobby, so it only makes sense that their throwback set take its design from a vintage minor league set. Obak tobacco cards were produced from 1909 to 1911 and featured only West Coast minor league teams and players. They are very rare and complete sets are scarce in the hobby. VG examples of common cards will set you back about $65 to $85 a piece. The vintage set has been designated as T212 and are of the same size as other tobacco issues from the period. Go to this link for some more info about it.

Anyway, the only card released so far that interest us Dodger fans is the below Duke Snider autographed card with him in his Texas League Fort Worth Cats uniform. When this photo was originally taken he could only dream of the Hall of Fame career he would eventually have.

Hat Tip: Sports Card Info:

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