Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Legendary Drawings

Legendary Auctions recently closed up on their August offering that had three original Willard Mullin drawings of the lovable Brooklyn Dodger "Bum." As you may know, Mullin was the inventor of the beloved icon. Check out his drawings below. Also, click the photo to enlarge.

The Brooklyn Bum is boastful about what his beloved Dodger will do to the Yanks in the World Series in the drawing below. It sold for $562.88.

"The Other Half." The 1952 Dodger season started off with a bang. They began the season 47-18. That's a full 29 games above .500. Their early dominance was aided by their complete control of the Pirates, Reds and Boston Braves. In fact, they started the season going 26-0 against those three teams. The Willard Mullin drawing below makes light of that fact by calling the three teams the "League Patsies." The drawing refers to the Dodgers record of 24-0, just before their three game homestand against Cincy. They won the first two, and lost the last game 7 to 4. This drawing sold for $474.00.

In 1950 the Dodgers were edged out of the pennant by the Phillies by 2 games. The Brooklyn Bum is full of despair as he refers to Philadelphia's Whiz Kids as Phillies Brats. It sold for $414.75.

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