Friday, October 23, 2009

My New Favorite Twitterer

Out of the history books and into the modern word, Charley "Old Hoss" Radbourn has come out from the ashes to grace us with his superior Baseball knowledge. The old-school late 19th Century Baseball hurler has joined twitter and he loves to comment on the state of the game. He has instantly become my favorite twitterer of the moment. Check him out here (@OldHossRadbourn)

Old Hoss was one of those players that played the game like it was the grind. He was tough, surly, arrogant and vain. Charley would drink anyone under the table then beat you to a bloody pulp for not being man enough to take him down. He was difficult to like, but must have been a joy to see on the field.

"Old Hoss" was one of the best of all time on the mound. In 1884 he started 73 games and completed all of them. Yes, ALL OF THEM. He also won 59 games that year and pitched a total 678 2/3 innings. It took him only 11 seasons to win 300 games. His radiant personality, though, came out during games. In fact, he was suspended once for throwing at his own catcher and knocking him down. The catcher had committed the offense of dropping a third strike.

An interesting rumor about him is that it is said that the term "Charley Horse" originates from him and that the earliest known photo of someone showing the finger is of him. Unfortunately, I have yet to ever see this historical photograph. (UPDATE: I take that back, here it is.)

Now check out some of his awesome twits below.

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