Thursday, October 22, 2009

Check Out Some Triple Threads

Beckett has a recent post featuring some recent pulls submitted by readers from the just release 2009 Topps Triple Threads boxes. It includes the below Trolley Dodgers card featuring 3 Brooklyn heroes and some cut jerseys and bat pieces. Go to their post to see more.Since the above card is the only Dodger one featured I figured I would troll around eBay to see if there are more to be seen. Of course, I was not disappointed. Check out some of them below.

In fact, take a good look at the Blake DeWitt card featuring some cut jerseys fashioned with the words "5 NLCS RBI." In 2008 he started at 2nd base and hammered in 5 RBI's during the series. We could have used some of that this time around. In fact, I'm willing to make the early call that he should be the heir apparent to the 2nd base job in 2010.

I'm not surprised that card was made. Hollywood with Kemp, Manny and Russell Martin featured.

How cool is this- Matt Kemp the Bison!

This reminds us that Manny is a 12 time All Star. Some good that did for us this year. On the other hand, that is a really cool patch on the left side. What is that of?

Just Manny Being Manny.

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