Friday, October 02, 2009

Olympic Baseball, 1956

Did you know that Baseball was once an exhibition sport in the Olympics in 1956? Neither did I. It was one of two exhibition sports (the other being Australian Rules Football) to be featured during the games. Now, thanks to the folks at Walk Off Walk, we get to enjoy a video reel of the event.

Australian amateurs and America GI's with the United States Far East Command played a game in Melbourne, Australia on December 1, 1956. Over 114,000 spectators took in the 6 inning game as the Americans won 11 to 5. Of course, the event was held just before the track & field events, so it's high dubious to believe they were all there for the ballgame. In fact, the crowd was small at the start, but grew as the final out was made. Nevertheless, it rivals the recent Coliseum game in Los Angeles for the largest crowd ever. Go here for a roster of players.

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