Monday, November 02, 2009

Card of the Week: The Unfamiliar #37

This week's "Card of the Week" is in honor of the Phillies and my hope that they kick some Yankee butt. Above is Mike Schmidt's unusual 1983 Donruss Baseball card. What makes this card so strange is that he is wearing the wrong number. The Phillies faithful know him from his recognizable #20, but above he is wearing a #37 jersey.

According to Donruss, this photo was taken a couple years before in Spring Training when Mike Schmidt's jersey was stolen. So, the future Hall of Famer had to put on a loaner, and Donruss captured the moment on cardboard.


  1. You know what makes this card even cooler? The jersey he is wearing is that of another HOFer! The photo was taken in 1981... the last name ends in "G" as seen in the photo... it's a jersey of Ryno - Ryne Sandberg! You can verify by checking '81 Phillies rosters - #37 was Sandberg, just a prospect then. Pretty cool that's the jersey Schmidt borrowed.

  2. Wow... I didn't even realize that. You can even make out a "G" on the back of the jersey Schmidt is wearing... Nice job figuring that out.


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