Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Lelands Auction: Dodger Items

Lelands recently closed their December auction and below are some nice Dodger related collectibles.

1955 was a incredible year- Winston Churchill resigned as prime minister, Einstein dies, the first advisers were sent to Vietnam, the polio vaccine received FDA approval, Disneyland opened and Peter Pan made its television debut. What also happened was the Dodgers first World Series championship.

Below is a banner that hung in the borough celebrating the Dodgers National League pennant that year. Considering the past, most probably thought this would hang all winter long. Little did they know the Dodger would come home with the crown in 1955. This banner sold for $1,815.19.

Here is a great press photo at the steps of city hall. "Keep the Dodgers in Brooklyn."

More celebrations from the 1955 World Series. Coach Bert Shotton has Jackie and Campy in his arms.

I know I have highlighted this photo in the past, but I figured it is worth another look. It is of Jackie Robinson signing autographs before his first game ever at Ebbets Field. It sold for $431.69.

Get Hodges into the Hall! Below is an award plaque given to Gil Hodges for his selection into the 1950 All-Star game.

This last item is for all of the Kings fans that happen to come to this blog. I know there are a bunch of you folks out there so don't be embarrassed. The Kings are good again and, I suspect, will continue to be so for quite some time. They have a pipeline of great young prospects and stars who should remain in LA for a long time. Anyway, below is a phenomenal game-used jersey worn by former Kings first line left-wing forward Charlie Simmer during the 1981-1982 hockey season. As you know he was a member of the incredible Triple Crown Line that featured Hall of Famers Dave Taylor and Marcel Dionne. It sold for a very healthy $2,411.80.

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