Thursday, April 01, 2010

Breaking: Dodgers to be Sold!

In a year that has been so tumultuous, the incredible has happened.

The McCourts may finally be making their grand exit. No more talk of divorce or poorly funded operations. Budgets can get back to normal as the irresponsible spendthrifts will soon be making their glorious walk out of the Southland. No more thousand dollar bottles of champagne or million dollar monthly stipends to aggravate the Dodger faithful.

I have it on good authority that the McCourts are indeed seeking to sell the Dodgers, and several suitors have already expressed a strong interest.

Yes, Mark Cuban sat down and spoke to the regime. So did talk radio blowhard Rush Limbaugh. In the end, though, only one buyer was seen to have the wherewithal to take down the team. NBC, the glorious network made infamous by the CoCo/ Leno debacle will be signing papers this weekend. Furthermore, I understand that Keith Olbermann, liberal talk show host on MSNBC, will be installed as acting GM. Go here for more about this surprising move.

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