Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Spring Training in Daytona

Prior to Vero Beach, the Dodgers spent their Spring in many different places. Oftentimes, they would play in Cuba, but in 1942, for a short time, they came to Daytona, Florida to warm up for the season.
An eccentricity not heretofore noticed about the Brooklyn Dodgers is that they will do their Spring training this year on two islands. The island shown above at Daytona Beach, Florida, will be the main training ground, but before taking up quarters there, the Brooklynites will go to the island of Cuba for several exhibition games. Eleven exhibition games will be played at Daytona Beach from March 16 through April 2. This and another field at Daytona Beach will be shared by the Dodgers with the Montreal Royals , their farm club.
What a crazy place to see a game. Above is a photo found on eBay of their brief Spring training home.

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