Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lopes Throws Some Dirt

Davey Lopes had a heck of a day against the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday afternoon, August 20, 1974. He went 5 for 6 with a lead-off home run to start the game, another home run in the 2nd inning, and then a third dinger in the 6th inning. Throw on top of that a double and a single, and I guess you can say that he single-handily beat the northsiders. So, I imagine it would not have been a surprise to learn that he received a little bit of chin music from the Cubs.

Dave LaRoche threw a high and hard one that caused Lopes to hit the deck. He got up in a hurry while hurling some dirt in LaRoche's direction. Davey walked towards the hapless pitcher as the benches cleared. No fight ensued, but considering the drubbing the Cubs received, 18 to 8, I think the message was clear. Don't mess with these Dodgers- especially Davey Lopes. Below is a pic from eBay memorializing the moment.

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