Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wha???? Holy Cra???? Strasburg is at What?

The world must be coming to an end because the Red Bordered 2010 Bowman Auto Strasburg is officially over $100,000.00 right now. That's right, a card made just months ago now eclipses, in value, many of the most rare and cherished Baseball cards and memorabilia items ever created over its 100+ years of history. Very few items have sold for this much.

Not only that, the chap who bought the 2010 Bowman Superfractor for $16,403.00 just a few weeks ago has listed the card back on eBay. With a little over 5 days remaining it is already at $18,600.00- potentially garnering him a nice little profit. On the other hand, since it has a reserve floor value that has not been met yet it may not sell at all.

As I slap my forehead in utter disgust I wonder aloud, "what the hell is going on here?"

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