Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Brooklyn Vintage Postcard

Here is a vintage 1906 Sporting Life postcard of the Brooklyn Baseball Club. It is identical to the much larger team composites put out the same year. Below is the entire postcard with enough space to write a note on the front to the sendee.

Several years back I ran across one of these at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Anaheim. It was in just as nice condition and was graded by SGC- a favored card grading company for vintage cards in the hobby. I took a good look at it and tried to barter the guy down from his $300.00 price tag. Unfortunately, he held firm. So, I decided to walk away from the card. Of course, remorse set by the end of the afternoon so I headed back to the table to find that he had already sold it. Oh well!

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