Sunday, September 05, 2010

Blog Kiosk: 9/5/2010

I think it might be about time to start focusing on next season.
  • Check out these new Dodger blogs called Curse of the Piazza and the hilariously named Oral Kershyster.
  • Memories of Kevin Malone has up a very interesting scouting report of the 1955 Dodgers written by NY Yankee coach Jim Turner.
  • The White Sox also considered trading for some Dodger Manny wigs, via BLS.
  • Dodger charity under investigation by CA Attorney General, via Baseball Mussings.
  • Now Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is suing Upper Deck. Will the bad news ever stop for Upper Deck, via Sports Collectors Daily?
    “In fact, at all times, Upper Deck was fully aware that Abdul-Jabbar had never authorized Upper Deck to use his photograph, name and signature for college-themed cards, and Abdul-Jabbar had previous rejected Upper Deck’s request for such authorization.”
  • Wow! Rhett Yeakley found a dozy from an eBay auction- a small estate collection of an early 1900's ballplayer named David Creagan. Now that in itself is pretty cool, but the best thing of all is it included a period photograph featuring A. J. Dussault and Olympian Jim Thorpe. Apparently given to Creagan as a keepsake, it is from Thorpe's time on a professional Baseball team that eventually lead to him losing his Olympic medals. Unbelievable! Go here to check it out.

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