Friday, February 18, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 2/18/2011

WooHoo! Spring is here!
  • Check out Sports Illustrated's presentation of milestone Baseball contracts- going as far back as Honus Wagner.
  • LEAVes of Dodger Blue was on hand to hear Mark Langill, Dodger Historian and Publications Editor, speak on Thursday night.
  • Topps unveils the complete list of 60 "Sparkle" short print variations in 2011 Topps Baseball packs. See the Ethier and Kershaw "Sparkle" cards here and here.
  • Mark Armour at Baseball-Reference has been very active in promoting SABR's Biography Project. SABR members have been working on creating full biographies of every ball player. If you are interested in participating you should check out his post. In the meantime, check out a recent biography I enjoyed reading on Hall of Fame Negro Leaguer Willard Brown.
    On August 13, Willard hit his only homer in the majors, and the first in the American League by a black player. It was an inside-the-parker in the eighth inning off Detroit’s Hal Newhouser; the pinch-hit blow helped the Browns rally after losing a lead in the top of the inning. The aftermath of that homer has become more memorable. Brown had used a bat belonging to outfielder Jeff Heath, but upon Willard’s return to the dugout, Heath smashed the bat against the wall rather than allow Brown to use it again.
  • Check out Andre Ethier at Sundance.

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  1. over/under on the number of jackets that Ethier is wearing in that video: 2.5


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