Thursday, February 17, 2011

Legendary Auctions: Some Dodger Stuff

To follow up on my previous post from last week featuring a wonderful personalized Christmas card from Jackie Robinson to Gil Hodges, here are some more great Dodger related memorabilia items found at Legendary Auctions.

With Spring Training in its opening days this below photo comes to us in the nick of time. It features Sandy Koufax with as big a grin as you can imagine. It is from March 18, 1964 during a Spring Training game against the Mets. Sandy was having a great Spring that year. He had just fanned 7 batters in a row, and obviously was elated with how things were going.

Brooklyn had its charm. From the loudest mouth (Hilda Chester) to the most raucous band (The Sym-Phony Band), Brooklyn was like a carnival without the big top. To prove that point, the team had a mascot, played by Emmett Kelly, who was literally a "Bum." He was a clownish version of a homeless person who would roam around Ebbets Field to entertain the masses. Below is a 1957 photo of Emmett Kelly at the stadium. By this time the Dodgers were well on their way out of New York, so I imagine the frown on his face was truly heartfelt by the fans in Brooklyn.

This is just a real nice example of daybill movie poster from Australia of the 1950 movie "The Jackie Robinson Story."

I'm sure I've highlighted one of these in the past, but I figure one more time can't hurt. This is a Los Angeles Examiner award given to Yankee Elston Howard for his participation in the May 7, 1959 exhibition game at the Coliseum in honor of Roy Campanella.

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