Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2011 Heritage: Some Other Dodger Inserts

I'm enjoying the Dodger love within 2011 Topps Heritage product. From the Koufax auto to Babe as a Dodger, this years Heritage set is looking like a big winner in my book. After the base set and a handful of inserts here are a bunch of other Dodger cards to wet your whistle.

A part of the News Flashbacks insert set, there are 2 Dodger themes cards; one featuring Jackie's induction into the Hall of Fame and the opening of Dodger Stadium.

NF-10 Jackie Robinson Inducted HOF

NF-6 1st Game in Dodger Stadium

This is a box topper featuring stamps of Andre Ethier, Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp.

Here are some of the Topps Stamp that can be found in packs.

Here is a Clubhouse Collections Relic Game-Used insert card.

CCR-CK Clayton Kershaw


  1. Those are some more nice Dodger cards from this set. It's going to make me buy a lot of this product.

  2. yhea, no kidding. This isn't even all of them that exist. There are some "bucks" cards and a handful of other inserts I haven't seen yet


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